About us

ABN is a family-owned company with many years of experience, specializing in plastic packaging. Our offer is targeted at the agricultural sector and our products are mainly used for packaging mushrooms, fruit and vegetables. Our product range has been appreciated both in Poland and abroad. From the time of establishing the company, we have been focusing on the quality of our packaging products and the best standards of customer service. In order to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, we ensure continuous growth of our company by investing in new machines, equipment and vehicles. Our motto, both in our daily lives and at work, is “The bright side of packaging”, i.e. reliability, fairness and loyalty. Owing to your trust, we strive for perfection in each gram of our packaging.


The bright side of packaging

Our offer includes…

Deliveries using our own vehicles

Always on time to any place in Poland and Europe.

Favourable payment terms

Adjusted to the needs and possibilities of recipients.

Boxes always in stock

We maintain a warehouse stock in continuous availability.

Broad range of products

Packaging with selected weight and colour of your choice.

Highest quality

Innovative machines and moulds.

Professional customer service

Resulting from our long-standing experience in the market.





We own a fleet of vehicles ensuring direct deliveries to our customers regardless of their location in Poland or Europe. We supply packaging in any quantity, every day, including holidays. Our own vehicle fleet allows to minimize delivery times of our products while ensuring high quality of transport.

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